During the Spring, our Charity holds a Softball Tournament. Each year the fields at Burholme park are packed with all levels of players. Some very competitive in the “Competitive bracket” and some out for a good afternoon with great friends!   The Softball Tournament is held during the day starting in the morning. Teams are created and t-shirts are distributed for them to wear during the event. Additional t-shirts are also on sale throughout the day. While the games are going on food and drinks are available for a couple of dollars, players eat free. Over the years, the Softball Tournament has grown and recently has included a kids’ game. What a blast to watch the younger crew too!

Other than the Softball Tournament, the board sponsors a Beef and Beer each year. During the Beef & Beef not only are food, drinks and dancing available but many unique items are being raffled off throughout the night.  Chances are available for larger items prior to the event and all throughout. This year, the BIG winners will be taking home $$Cash.  And, of course what’s a B&B  without a  50/50! Hope I see ya there.

In Colleen’s Name.