What better way to remember Colleen than by playing a sport she loved!  Since 2008, a softball tournament has been held during the day with people of all different ages participating.   Take a walk around the park on this day and you will see numerous teams playing, some waiting for their turn to play, and some simply just sticking around even though they are done. You will see friends and family standing around talking and laughing while the kids are running around enjoying themselves.  Each year we have had about 24 teams participated- an amazing representation of how far this foundation has come!

This year we are changing things up just a bit. We want to keep the fun friendly atmosphere but we want to provide the competitive side a little more bang for their buck. This year we will be implementing a more traditional tournament style 2 loss elimination for the competitive side. This will include Ref’s for each game and a championship prize that has yet to be determined.

For the light-hearted amongst us, we will be providing a more relaxed atmosphere. The games will be played round robin style with a 3 game minimum. There will also be a junior game during the day, so be sure to bring the tykes.

Below you can find links to the information pertaining to this years’ Softball Tournament: